Day Ladies

Chair: Joan Doucet
Vice-Chair: Pat Thompson
Past-Chair: Kathy Jackson

We are a group of like-minded women who come out to have fun curling several days a week.


On Tuesdays (11:15 AM & 1:30 PM) and Thursdays (1:30 PM) we have Club curling. This is a less competitive, more relaxed type of game. During the course of a curling season ladies will play on four different teams corresponding with four consecutive draws. Each draw is usually six weeks in length. Having the opportunity to play on different teams enables all curlers, especially the new participants, to “mix & mingle” with more of the Day Ladies membership.


Flight curling takes place on Wednesdays at 9 AM. The teams are self-chosen and remain together as a team the entire curling season. The initial intent or purpose of Flight curling is to offer a league of play for women who want to participate in more competitive curling.

Whether it is Club or Flight, our goal is to always enjoy the game and have fun while refining our skills.

For more information about Day Ladies please contact Joan or Pat.

Evening Ladies

Chair: Gail Irving
Vice-Chair: Vacant
Past-Chair: April Welsh
OCA Rep: Karen Peters


Wednesday Evening only – 5:15 PM

Convenors – Liz Baer, Carol Fitzpatrick – rkccladiesclubcurling

For "Club" curling, members sign up individually for each draw or series of games and play every Wednesday at 5:15 pm. There are 4 separate draws in the curling season . This season the 4 draws run for 6 weeks each. Before each draw, players are either randomly placed on a team or selected by the skips. All players are rated on their curling ability to make every attempt to keep the teams equal in skill level. Those who participate will get a chance to play with different curlers in each draw, which gives the new curler a chance to meet other members.


Monday @ 5 PM or 7:10 PM

Convenors – Deb Wilkin

"Flight" curling is a great way for four friends to curl together for the winter. The members create their teams and they stay together as a "rink" for the entire season. If you do not already have a team please indicate that you are available for flight curling and the convenor will try to assist you with getting a team.











Day Men

Chair:  John Pratt
Vice-Chair : David Leeson


Tuesday & Thursday @ 9 AM

Tuesdays and Thursdays at nine AM are devoted to the popular and unique RKCC Day Mens Club format. Each day you will curl with and against 7 different people. As well, each curler curls two ends at each position (i.e. two ends at lead, two ends at second, two ends at vice and two ends at skip). Curlers gather at 8:30ish when our team of skilled handicappers make up the teams for that day. Their goal is to make the teams competitively even as possible. They do a very good job.

The club usually provides a lunch at nominal cost. The emphasis for Day Mens Club is on fun and fellowship. This is a great way to quickly meet and get to know other curlers in the club.

During the year, the Day Mens Program puts on two in-house bonspiels which usually take place on Fridays. Curlers sign up individually and are assigned to a team who compete in three 4 end games that day.  Lunch is provided and the cost to participate in these events is very reasonable.

Senior Flight

Monday @ 9 AM, 11:15 AM and 1:30 PM

Monday is devoted to the Day Mens Senior Flight program.  Players must be 50 years or older.  Thirty two to thirty six teams are formed or selected at the start of the year and compete through the season in four flights of approx. eight teams. Flight curling runs through three time slots 9:00AM, 11:15 AM and 1:30PM.  Each round, teams within a flight play each other, at the end of which one or two teams move up or down the ladder based on their win loss records. This reshuffling of the deck happens twice during the season and helps ensure that teams find their best competitive niche. At season end, a winner and bragging rights are determined for each flight.

If you are interested in being on a flight team, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this. Spares are always needed and if you are interested, we will place you on the spares list.

On Monday’s, a lunch is served at nominal cost by our own members. This has become a very popular weekly event.

Evening Men

Chair: Mario Fabbro


Thursday @ 5:15 PM, 7:30 PM

Convenor: Anthony Hale

Evening club curling takes place on Thursday evening. There are 4 draws per season with each draw lasting 6 weeks. Each draw there is a draft to assign players to teams with the emphasis on meeting new people and networking within the club.


Tuesday @ 5 PM, 7:10 PM and 9:20 PM

Convenor: Phil Tomsett

Evening Men’s also has a Flight night. As this is a competitive night, teams choose who they wish to play with and sign up prior to the season beginning. It is our largest league at the club with 42 teams registered last year This league fills up fast so get registered early, even if you aren't sure of the team makeup yet. Someone will contact you prior to the season beginning to inform you of who you are playing with and when you play.


Chair: Keith Mitchell, Linda Lott (Friday Club)
Committee: Kathleen Poole, Mary Kelly and Dale Marecak

Friday Recreational/Competitive

Friday @ 5:10 PM, 7:15 PM and 9:15 PM
21 games (excluding playoffs) 

Friday Mixed curling has 3 options for curlers.  There is a competitive flight format option, a recreational flight option that is “less” competitive, and a club format in which the teams are shuffled in each of the 3 draws.  Players in the flight section form their own teams and stay together throughout the year.  For members looking to join a flight team every effort will be made to accommodate you.

The club format is perfect for new curlers who want to meet people in the club as well as for individuals or couples who do not want to commit to a flight team.  Teams are formed at the start of each of the 3 draws.  For couples who wish to play together please let the convenor know and we again will do our best to accommodate you.  For those that do not wish to be on the same team again let the convenor know.  Games are 6 ends.

Sunday Recreational

Sunday @ 3:45 PM
19 Games

This is another opportunity to enjoy a more recreational atmosphere.  The format is a flight style in which you form your own teams.  There is just 1 yearlong draw with points accumulating through the year to determine the champion.   This draw fills up quickly and priority is given to returning teams.

Special Events

Mixed curling will be hosting 2 special curling events.   On Dec 7, 2019 will there will be a Christmas Turkey Spiel limited to 48 curlers.  This event is open to all members of the club and will be a 2-game club format spiel.

The Empire Life Bonspiel is planned for Feb 7th and 8th. This is a 32 team, 2-day spiel organized by Teresa Gibson.  The spiel is open to teams from RKCC and other clubs as well. This bonspiel is a signature 200th anniversary event with a 3-game guarantee, Saturday “Ale and Appies” featuring the 200th anniversary special brew, a Saturday banquet and a host of other activities. This event is likely to fill out quickly so be sure to sign up early to avoid disappointment.


Chair - Pat Simms
Vice Chair - Brian Wilson
Statistician - Teresa Wilson

The Stick League was organized for curlers who could no longer use a conventional delivery from down in the hack or more commonly called, a slide delivery.  Everyone in the league uses a curling delivery stick to deliver the rock.  

The league is not restricted only to those who cannot throw from the slide position.
Anyone who is willing, and interested, to use a curling stick is welcome to participate.
All full members who curl using a curling delivery stick are allowed to spare in the stick leagues.
No experience is necessary.  We will be happy to teach you!
There are two different sections, which are not mutually exclusive.


Wednesday @ 11:15 AM, 12:15 PM and 1:15 PM

Teams are composed of two curlers.
Games are 6 ends with each player throwing 6 rocks each end.
Sweeping is allowed only from the hog line in.
There is a Social Member (enhanced) Membership for a reduced membership fee.  This non-voting member has the same privileges as a Social Member, but with optional on-ice privileges which are limited to once a week participation in the 2-person Stick League. No sparing is allowed.


Thursday @ 11:15 AM

Teams are composed of four curlers, mixed or otherwise.
All normal curling rules apply with the exception of some “INHOUSE” rules enacted by the membership.
There may be some dates that are unavailable for stick curling because of other ice priorities.
Check the schedule on the notice board or the Club Calendar for game date changes.


Wednesday @ 7:45 PM and 9:10 PM

Chair: Peter Coughlin
Convenors: John Leinweber, Mike Flowers

We are excited to have Doubles as a regular league option for RKCC – it is the fastest growing part of curling. There was some great feedback last year on how to improve the league. We listened and have made some improvements, so plan to come out and try some Doubles curling in 2019-20. Many people say that Doubles curlers are the friendliest curlers at the club. A team of two can be any combination of male or female players, and no previous Doubles experience is necessary. It is a shorter game, with six ends and in each end only five rocks are thrown per team. There are some important rule differences from regular curling – these include positioned rocks at the start of each end, a different free guard zone rule, and the possible power play option. Games are fast paced and there is often more of a focus on “draws and taps” to score points. Want to learn about the rules? Curling Canada has the current rules posted on their website and if you want to see some of the pros making it look easy, the Curling Canada YouTube channel has game coverage from the 2019 World Championship.

Ready to sign up? Teams will be scheduled to play Wednesday evening. Our league has two possible game times: the first game is at 7:45 pm and the second game is at 9:10 pm. A well played doubles game takes about 75 minutes. There is a maximum of twenty four teams and our season is divided into two draws. Register early as we expect the spots to fill quickly. The first draw is from October 2nd, 2019 to December 18th, 2019, for a total of twelve games. This will be a round robin format, with teams rotating through the roster and alternating between first and second start times. At the end of the first draw, teams will be divided into A and B groups, based upon total points scored. The second draw goes January 8th, 2020 to March 31st, 2020, with a total of eleven games. Doubles teams will play within either Group A or Group B for the second draw and teams will continue to alternate between game one and game two start times for the second half of the season.

It will be really important to be comfortable moving about the on line club website. Our Committee will have the schedule/standings posted on line and team members will be encouraged and coached on posting game results directly on line. The Doubles league will track game results with points for wins/loss/ties. Teams are registered with two members and an active spares list will be generated. We know that there may also be some curlers who would like to try Doubles, but may not have a team member ready to go. We would encourage curlers to try out the Free Agent Listing, under the new Doubles category. This is on the club website, under Members services. Our committee will also lend a hand, and work hard to match up interested Doubles curlers. Keep an eye on the new Doubles bulletin board, along the hallway, for regular updates on Doubles play.

Still not sure if you want to try Doubles? Send an email question to the league convenor and chairpersons noted about. Good to know that we will have an early pre-season orientation at the club on the evenings of September 23, 24 and 25, 2019.  This will be a chance to sort out any questions, say hello and finalize your registration for the league.  See you on the ice.

Youth Program


Royal Kingston Youth Curling Program

Youth Curling Program  2019

Well, the 2019 curling session is about to start. We hope you all had a great summer and are ready to begin on a new curling adventure with us.

As coaches, we would like to advance the RKCC youth curling program to give our children the best curling experience but also to prepare them for long term athletic development.  To do this, we are bringing in a more competitive aspect to our program, focusing on fitness and teamwork. 

Our Youth program combines all ages into one timeslot of  Sunday 12:00-3:00pm.

Each week will consist of off-ice training which will include age appropriate fitness (Cardio and Strength training), on/off-ice skill lesson and a 4 end game.

All children and teens (except Little Rockers) will be placed on a team at the beginning of the season and will be playing on that team for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks new teams will be picked. Position on the team will be determined by experience and skill level.  If you are going to miss a week of curling it is courtesy to inform your teammates or coaches beforehand. These teams will be used to determine who will be playing for Championship night.

As coaches we are well aware that some of our older children and teens have developed teams already that are looking at competing in bonspiels and competitions throughout the year.   To help these teams, as coaches, we will assist as much as possible to prepare you for the competitions and to also inform you about up-coming bonspiels and competitions in the area.


The Canadian Curling Association has implemented a rule that all children 12 and under are required to wear a helmet that passes CSA-testing while on the ice. These include the helmet hats/bands that RKCC is selling, hockey helmets and some bike helmets.

Parents of teens will be required to fill out and sign a waiver. If no waiver is signed the teen will be required to wear a helmet while on the ice as well. Coaches will be enforcing this rule.  


Youth will be asked to wear appropriate clothing.

  • Comfy pants (No jeans or dress pants)
  • Curling shoes and/or clean runners with a slider (little rockers will start with tape)
  • CSA-passed Helmet for 12 and under (Wavier for above age 12)
  • Mittens/Gloves with a grip (If hands get cold)


Coach and Convener: Kimberly Barker

            Email: [email protected]

Coach: Christy Gilmour

            Email: [email protected]

Coach: Dale Marecak

            Email: [email protected]

Coaching Assistants: Kaitlyn Welch and Samantha Marecak

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