Membership Types

Active Member

Annual Fee: $545.00

Over 21 and entitled to curl in any day, evening and Mixed Sections.

Active Member 2nd Season

Annual Fee: $495.00

Active Member who joined RKCC as NEW member last season

Active NEW Member

Annual Fee: $440.00

Non-member of RKCC for last 3 seasons; includes a $50 proshop voucher AND a 10% reduction off of next year's Active Member fee

NEW Member ONE

Annual Fee: $395.00

NEW Member ONE game a week only; includes a $50 pro shop voucher

Mixed Only

Annual Fee: $395.00

Entitled to curl Friday OR Sunday evening Mixed only


Annual Fee: $420.00

A bona-fide full-time student has same privileges as an Active Member

Junior in Adult League

Annual Fee: $270.00

Minimum age is 16 (required for members of a team wishing to acquire or maintain)

Junior/parent a member

Annual Fee: $82.00

Junior / Bantam / Little Rocker whose parent/grandparent is a member.  For ages 5 thru 20 only.

Junior/parent not a member

Annual Fee: $105.00

Junior / Bantam / Little Rocker whose parent/grandparent is NOT a member.  For ages 5 thru 20 only.

Social Member

Annual Fee: $65.00

Social member only.. no curling privileges

Social Member Enhanced

Annual Fee: $280.00

A non-voting member who has the same privileges as a Social Member, but with optional on-ice privileges which are limited to once a week participation in the 2-person Stick League

Adult Novice Program

Annual Fee: $150.00

8 WEEK Comprehensive Adult Novice Curling Program; includes 1 full slider and 2 grippers

Curling I

Annual Fee: $95.00

Get started. Learn the rudiments of delivery, sweeping, strategy, sportsmanship, and rules of the game with an emphasis on safety and etiquette. This activity is suitable for both regular and stick curlers and those with no or limited curling experience or returning curlers. A clean pair of running shoes required & warm clothing suggested. Led by RKCC instructors..

Thursdays, 11:15am to 1:15pm

Oct 13 to Dec 1 (8 classes)

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