It's been 5 weeks but it seems like a year since we abruptly ended our 200th Anniversary season with the closing of the club. If we can be thankful at all we can be happy that the Kingston Brier concluded just before this awful disease descended upon us. I truly hope that none of your family or friends have taken ill with this and that it passes our area quickly.

No doubt, we are all very eager to move on with our lives and hopefully the nicer weather will see the beginning of some normalcy again. It's been busy at the club for a few weeks getting the ice out and cleaned up and we are all waiting for an opportunity to get back in and get Pickleball started. We won't need long once the restrictions start to be lifted, several good moppings and a day to tape out the courts and we will be running around again at the club. 

I am sure that most, if not all of you have heard that our Head Ice Technician, Terry Barker has chosen to not return next year. He will be missed, he got us through some tough times after Roddy passed and I thank him greatly for that. We have posted the position on the CurlON website and received several exceptionally well qualified applications. Interviewing is currently taking place and we should have some very good news early in May. Stay tuned.

Most people have not yet been too seriously thinking of golf but it never hurts to look forward. We are still very much planning on holding our Annual Golf Tornament and Dinner this summer and the tentative date is only 2 months away. I have been in contact with Joe at Amherstview and he assures me that they can accomodate us if we need to push the event back a bit. For now, we still want people to think about it and register for this event. We aren't looking for absolute committment or money at this point, just expressing your interest. Having said that, the first 140 people that register will be accepted, so don't delay. I would prefer that you sign up as a group of 2 or 4 preferably but if you are just a single please go ahead and register.

Don't hesitate to email or call the club if you have any questions. Everything is different this season, let's get creative and make the best of it.


Steve Hulton





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