Champ Night


 1 MensClub Champs 2 CarrieCole Champs 
 3 LadiesFlight Champs  4 MensFlight Champs


 CarrieColeChamps  DLClubChamps
 DLFlightAChamps  DLFlightBChamps




Senior Men's "A" Flight Champions, from left: Mike Charette (lead), Bob Daley (skip), Brian Dowling (second) and Brian Ward (vice)

Senior Men's "C" Flight Champions, from left: Denis Faubert (skip), Dwight Farrell (lead), Steve Lloyd (second).  Missing from photo is vice Barry Malmsten.


Senior Men's "D" Flight Champions, from left: John Pratt (second), Bill Grant (skip), Dave Loller (vice) and Bob Fugler (sparing for Fred McDonald at lead)


Men's Flight Champions, from left: Mike Schneider (skip), Tom Bryant (lead), Henry Treier (second) and Rob Campbell (vice)


Men's Flight Runners-up, from left: Phil Tomsett (skip), Joe Waller (vice), Mario Fabbro (second) and John MacMillan (lead)


Evening Men's Club Champions, from left: Mike Murphy (lead), Ron Pols, Rick Thorburn, and Tom MacLean (skip)


Evening Men's Runners-up, from left: Bradley Sumner (vice), Trevor Kirby (second) and Bill Cannon (skip).  Missing from photo is Paul Moorby (lead).


Evening Ladies Club, Carrie Cole Champions, from left: Pam Power, Cyndy Jones, Christy Gilmour (who played for skip Denise Mulville), Denise Mulville, Lisa Mulville


Day Ladies Club, Carrie Cole Runners-up, from left: April Welsh (skip), Martha Forkes, Pat Bradshaw and Kat Banko


Day Ladies "B" Flight Champions, from left: Nancy Suenega (second), Jill Spettigue (lead), Linda Bell (vice) and Jan Ray (skip)


Winning the new Overall Ladies Flight Championships was the Evening Ladies Flight team of, from left, Joanne Miller (skip), Vanessa Guigere (vice), Joanne Gizzi, Jennifer Cook (played second for Joanne Gizzi) and Lil Rynbend (lead).  Runners-up were the Day Ladies Flight team of Denise Mulville (skip), Judy Sly (vice), Joanne Gizzi (second) and Martha Tanner (lead).


Mixed Champions, from left: Todd Johnson (skip), Kelly Johnson (vice), Patrick Casey (second), Marie Claude Goyer (lead). 


Team Johnson defeated the team of Bill Cannon (played by Erwin Batalla), Kimberly Barker, Paul Switzer and Tensia Cannon (played by Monica Kirk).  Pictured are Kimberly Barker and Bill Cannon.


Team Fowlow won the Junior Championship, from left: Nate De Groote, Sam Fowlow, William Vandenburg, Josh Fowlow and Kibo Mulima.  Missing from phote is Ratidzo Mutsvene.


Runners-up for the Junior Championship was team D, from left: Elijah De Groote, Max Hannah, Joel De Groote, Luke De Groote adn Nils Lintner.


2-Person Stick League Champions, from left: Jim Rose, Bill Worthy


4-Person Stick League Champions, from left: Jim Rose, Edna-May McKay, Alice Simpson, Bill Worthy


In Memory of Betty Bush

Family and teammates of Betty Bush watch as Tony is placing the last shovelful on the tree planted in her memory by her teammates.



from left: Joanne Miller, Joan Doucet, Joanne Gizzi, Karen Peters, Joanne Manion and Lillian Rynbend (missing from photo: Dianne Wylie and Mary-Stewart Ross) 

Scottish Ladies Curling Tour


On November 15th the Royal Kingston Curling Club hosted the Scottish Women’s curling tour. The Scottish women arrived on November 6th in Montreal. On the 15th they curled and lunched at the Gananoque Curling club then travelled by coach to the Royal Kingston Curling club for a 3:30 game. Six teams of Scottish curlers and six teams of RKCC curlers were led on the ice by a piper (Kevan Tanner), Kingston’s Town Crier, Chris Whyman and Mayor Bryan Paterson. The teams were introduced by our Town Crier then Mayor Paterson threw the ceremonial first rock to start the games.

This was the Scottish team’s eleventh game on Canadian soil and they were victorious on all sheets but one. Once the games were completed the players joined the spectators in the lounge for celebratory drinks and light snacks.

Taya Williams led the group in the singing of the Flower of Scotland and O Canada. Mary Smith said Grace. Reg Gore brought greetings from the Board of Directors and John Shea brought greetings and pins from the OCA. The group dined on Tea cup chicken consommé followed by Caesar salad, lasagna and Georgie O’Shaughnessy’s homemade apple pies.

Entertainment was provided by Taya Williams who lead the singing of two curling songs, the Cataraqui Kingston Rotary Synchronized Swim team who demonstrated what Canadian men do when they are not curling and a choir of the Scottish curlers who sang three songs.

The dinner was prepared by Jan Ray, Lee Thompson, Bev Townsend, Sally Stewart, Tracy Mallen, Gerry Buist, Gary Dupuis, Dave Poirier, Gwen Mitchell & Susan Hara who deserve a huge “Thank you” for a job well done!

The Scottish curlers curled 13 more games before they left for Scotland on November 27th.

Convenors: Donna Poirier, Linda Lott & Fran Cooney 

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New Club

Construction Photos - New Club

1 sept 21 view

As of September 21, 2006 ... notice installed curbs, parking lot grading and tower new completion. 

2 paving 

3 sidewalk view 

Excellent view up the south sidewalk heading towards main entrance.  Areas against building will be planted with shrubs and/or grass. 

4 new bar 

Voila!  Your new bar!!!  Behind the bar, you can see the opening into the cold fridge where the draft kegs and beer fridge will be stored.  The opening itself will be filled with a three-door, glass panel. 

5 kitchen 

New kitchen ... overhead vent and tile floor. 

6 fireplace 

Beautiful fireplace millwork.  The front section will be mounted on top of the mantle (back section), and the unit will be then set against the lounge's north wall (back of picture).  A gas insert will be added to the mantle, making a floor to ceiling fireplace for late night stategy sessions.  Off to the right, hyou see sheet one. 

7 new view of interior 

Ice plant is working and you can look back at the club, which is nearing completion. 

New Facility Update September 14, 2006 
The Royal Kingston Curling Club has just announced some date changes pertaining to this season.
The following are amended dates for given events: 

Opening Gala - Saturday, October 7 (itinerary stays the same) 
Curling Clinics - October 10, 11 and 12 (extra clinic night added) 
Opening Bonspiel - Friday, October 13 (participants will be contacted) 
Curling Season begins ... Monday, October 16 

In short, the season will start approximately two weeks later than originally scheduled, and run two weeks later into April.
All major events, bonspiels and rentals will remain as listed ... the season will simply leapfrog around them. 

In the end, no games will be lost ... just moved forward in time. 
A more detailed note will be added sometime on Friday, September 15. 
New Facility Update August 27, 2006

8 from bar to lounge

A view from where the bar will be situated, out to the lounge. The curling sheets are to the right and the door, center left, will lead out to a future patio area.

9 our men

There are too many people to thank for their work on this project ... from club volunteers and Board members, to individual committees and contractors. However, these three men are individuals who have dedicated time over and above the expected amount. Vic Matthews, Wayne Smith and Tim Prue, Project Supervisor. Thanks gentlemen, for looking after the construction of our new facility.  

New Facility Update August 22, 2006 

11 front glass in

Closing in the south-east corner of the ice pad. 

10 closing in

View of the south side, main entrance. Office, Board Room and Locker Room windows are in and the main door tower is almost complete.  Little known fact... this tower will house the "I hogged my rock" detention center. 

12 ice pad view of club

This is one of the most impressive aspects of the new club ... the view from the ice! Looking from sheet 1 back at lounge (on the right) and main entrance (center left), you can see how open and viewer friendly this ice pad will be.

New Facility Update August 9, 2006 

13 newest overview

Most recent view of property. Exterior is almost complete and some grading has been done for the access road. And, we have a fire hydrant!

14 side sheet glass 

Excellent shot of the floor to ceiling glass panels that run down the side of the curling sheets. The open concept of this facility should make it very cozy. But, wait until you see the entertainment amenities, including the close circuit monitors that will broadcast the on ice action into the lounge for easy spectator viewing. Stay tuned curlers!!

New Facility Update July 26, 2006

15 compressors

The few parts of our old ice plant, that were reused in the new system, are almost impossible to pick out. 

17 exterior finish


18 brine headers

The brine header, tested and in place. 

19 ice pad poured

And of course, the ice pad poured ... laser sighted to be perfectly flat (+/- 2mm). This pad should be able to produce some of the most consistant, competitive ice around!

New Facility Update June 21, 2006 

20 corner complete

Southwest corner completed .... taking shape.

21 complete locker room

Concrete in locker rooms - view looking down towards front entrance.
On the right is where the glass walls will be.

22 ready for piping

View of ice shed ready for piping. 

New Facility Update June 19, 2006 

23 newest side shot

View from Center 70 parking lot. 

24 locker room out

View from inside of locker rooms looking out to the ice shed. The gaps between block columns will be glass and allow spectating from the side of play. This see-through wall will also add a coziness to the club. From anywhere in the building you will have a feel for the various activities going on. 

25 front shot

The front wall going up. This will be the Days Rd. view.

New Facility Update June 5, 2006

26 pad floor

Interior of the ice pad. 

27 ice pad view


28 brine pipes

Piping for ice pad and a view of the locker rooms running West-East on the property. 

New Facility Update May 31, 2006 

29 IMG 0396 2 


30 IMG 0398 4


31 IMG 0399 5

New Facility Update May 11, 2006 

32 HPIM1657


35 newsite5


36 newsite4


37 newsite3


38 newsite2


39 newsite1


New Facility Update March 10, 2006


40 digging


41 Footings 2


42 Footings


Excavation for footings and the concrete to form them. Keep your eye on the site as you pass by, work is underway.


New Facility Update March 3, 2006


· Building permits are now in place.


· Soil samples from the ice pad area showed the depth of the 'jelly clay' soil to be more extensive than first indicated. This will require the footings for the foundation to be set at 6 ft. below grade v.s. the plan of 4 ft. · The first 'pour' for the concrete footings takes place the first week of March.


· Because of concerns with the wet soil conditions, the walls and roof for the ice pad will be erected before the 'jelly clay' is removed and replaced with granular aggregate.


· Our costs will increase because of the deeper footings, higher building elevation, soil replacement, parking lot drainage and an additional access/egress to Days Road. The amount of the increase cannot be determined at this time.


· Trees: Unfortunately, several mature trees have had to be removed because of unavoidable digging within their 'drip line'area. The'drip line'of the branches is used as a measure for the root system of the tree, digging inside this area cuts the root system and kills the tree. Planned landscaping will replace the trees that have been removed.


· Lockers: Thanks to Wayne Smith, Gene Miller, Bill Duffe, Grant Patterson, Roy Vasey, Gary Weir and the Kingston Lawn Bowling Club, about 26 nearly new lockers and some cabinets were procurred from an RMC renovation project and moved temporarily to the KLBC. Other sources are being explored to find more lockers, (eg), auctions and liquidations. The existing lockers will be refurbished for reuse if others cannot be located at a reasonable price.You can help: if you hear of a school or business that is selling gently used lockers or 5 foot diameter, arborite topped tables, give Graham or a board member a call and we will follow up.


New Facility Update Jan.16, 2006


The bits of metal, brick, doors and windows that once made up the Library have slowly made their way into the disposal buckets and the site is being prepared for the foundations.


Trenches about 4ft deep will have to be dug for the foundations, unfortunately the inclement, mild weather is not helping the process. With all the snow-melt and rain, the place has become a sea of mud but Sullivan's crew is optimistic that they can overcome these problems without compromising the completion date.


More requirements by the city will put our costs up a little higher. One is; 'a future sidewalk consideration fee' another is; 'a separate entrance for safe fire truck access to our property. Hopefully the last is; a 'project security deposit' to be held by the city for one year (with no interest paid to us). The legitimacy of these requirements has been checked out with our lawyer.


Included in the contract price:


ice shed size increase; ice pad heating / drainage; ice shed thermal glass; total building elevation increase; designation as a 'drinking establishment'; higher capacity ice plant; walk-in kitchen refrigerator.


NOT included (enhancements, wish list, other costs) = approximately $ 200k :


Additional kitchen equipment; newer lockers; lounge furniture/decor; single hacks; security system; digital clock; back-up compressor; ice shed summer ventilation; additional serviced parking lot; additional impost fees; walk-in bar refrigerator; project management fee; future sidewalk allowance; separate entrance to the property.


New Facility Update Dec. 09,2005


... Demolition of the old library started Monday Dec. 12


... Site Plan Application for part (a), the foundation has been submitted to the city


... Application for part (b), the rest of the building is expected to be submitted Mon.Dec 19


... Structural steel has been ordered for delivery in mid Feb / 06.


43 IMG 0094


Here is a photo of 130 Days Rd. (the site of the new RKCC) taken November 2005.


This building is presently being demolished to make way for our new, 6-sheet facility, which is scheduled to open for the start of the 2006/2007 season. Get your membership questions in anytime!


44 IMG 0107



Ground breaking ceremony November 18, 2005. Pictured are: Mike Tureski (yellow broom), 1st Vice; Nicholas Brown (shovel), President; Building Committee members Vic Matthews (white hardhat), Tim Prue (orange), Wayne Smith (white).



45 IMG 0133


Ground breaking ceremony November 18, 2005 ...



46 HPIM1492


47 HPIM1493


Two photos, taken in late December 2005, showing progress in the demolition of existing structure at 130 Days Rd.



48 IMG 0175


Going, going ...


... stay tuned curlers!!

Old Club

Clergy Street - Old Club

1 Old RKCC Ice Surface

View of ice surface from second floor lounge - many foreheads were bruised from trying to follow action in the house below ... if you ever spectated from here you know what I mean! Not to be forgotten, the convex mirrors hanging over the sheets ... how many of you gave up trying to interpret the image? 

2 Old RKCC Bar View

Built in 1995, this bar has seen it's share of business. From club curling parties to major bonspiels and rentals, many a beverage has passed over the railing. And, the three stools on the end have played host to many members over the years. Many of the world's problems have been solved, in principle, from impromptu late night discussions held around this piece oak, chaired of course, by the bartender.  The actual specifics to the solutions have long since been forgotten. 

3 Old RKCC Bar 

Although it looks as though we had as many glasses as would ever be needed, just ask any of the ladies if they agree. How often were they asked to recycle their wine glasses during a 
closing dinner or at the Great Aunts and Grandmothers Bonspiel?  

4 Old RKCC Dance Floor 

The floor lettering predated the Royal designation and was never changed. I am sure it served as a constant reminder to all the long standing members, of many great curling days gone by. 
If the walls could talk ... how many of you tripped the light fantastic on this dance floor over the years? 

5 Old RKCC Office 

The office and proshop, where members were always welcome to stop and chat. You were always taking a chance though, standing around this area waiting for your sheet to be ready, 
because that afforded a opportunity for the "new broom" or "new shoes" sales pitch.  I like to think that no one ever had to be talked into a new purchase, just gently reminded of the benefits such a buy would bring to their game. 

6 the old sign 

So, it is time to take down the sign and begin a new chapter in the storied history of the Royal Kingston Curling Club. 

7 old club 

Built in 1922/23 ... Curled in from 1923-2006 ... thanks for the memories! 

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