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Evening Men's Flight - Teams

Team #/Name Skip Vice Second Lead Fifth Sixth
Braun, Michael Braun, Michael Ruse, Greg Greer, Gord Brandsma, Ivan Smith, Wayne Email The Team
Brown, Laura Brown, Laura Welch, Kaitlyn Simpson, Erica McMillan, Heather Email The Team
BYE admin, carole Email The Team
Cameron, Ron Cameron, Ron Deslippe, Mike Forrest, Keith Charette, Michael Email The Team
Cannon, Bill Cannon, Bill Gordon, Benny Kerry, Sean Strachan, Ian Chen, Anthony Email The Team
Clark, Dean Clark, Dean Jeffery, Bruce Daub, Kevin Cosford, Alan Email The Team
Clarke, Geoff Clarke, Geoff Leeson, David Moritz, James Gao, Hans Email The Team
Cotton, Murray Cotton, Murray Pereira, Kevin Steele, Ross Ringuette, Robert Dowling, Bob Email The Team
Fabbro, Ross Fabbro, Ross Horbay, Kyle Welch, Dylan Sedor, Ryan Email The Team
Futtit, John Futtit, John Ward, Brian Batalla, Erwin Londry, David Williams, Dennis Email The Team
Gazeley, Jay Gazeley, Jay Campbell, Rob Treier, Henry Bryant, Tom Email The Team
Gazeley, Sean Gazeley, Sean Gazeley, Jacob Gazeley, Turner Perkins, Elliott Email The Team
Gibson, Edward Gibson, Edward Robichaud, Richard Broadhead, Taras Ellis, Thomas Gibson, Anton Email The Team
Giles, John Giles, John Dickson, Richard Reshke, Regan Hochban, Tim Higginson, Leslie Email The Team
Grant, Bob Grant, Bob Brant, Ken McLean, Eric Lahey, Dan Email The Team
Guenter, Keith Guenter, Keith Duffe, James Gray, David Labrie, Marc Email The Team
Herron, Noel Herron, Noel Lodge, Steve Boyce, Jason Barkley, Chris Email The Team
Ivimey, Bill Ivimey, Bill Ivimey, Robert Ivimey, Arjun Ivimey, Stuart Email The Team
Johnson, Dave Johnson, Dave Vanderhout, Pierre Fox, Steve Pinder, Frank Email The Team
Johnson, Todd Johnson, Todd Berry, Michael Phillips, Drew Hale, Anthony Email The Team
Leinweber, John Leinweber, John Pritchett, Bob Barnes, Todd Campbell, Arnold Email The Team
Lynch, Andrew Lynch, Andrew St-Laurent, Corey Berry, Graham Pols, Ron Email The Team
Mason, Doug Mason, Doug White, Steve Mojsiuk, Ralph Niles, Barry Tulk, Kevin Email The Team
McLaughlin, Allan McLaughlin, Allan Latimer, John Coughlin, Peter Pollitt-Smith, Hugh Email The Team
Mitchell, Garth Mitchell, Garth McMillan, Ken Barr, David Bracken, David Email The Team
Murphy, Joe Murphy, Joe Carmichael, Lorne Mitchell, Keith Hotchkiss, Robin Email The Team
Murphy, Tim Murphy, Tim Fitzgerald, Brian Nichol, Scott Hodgson, Mike Email The Team
Nickerson, Matthew Nickerson, Matthew Schenk, Ryan Huctwith, Andy Ball, Bill Email The Team
Rishaur, Joe Rishaur, Joe Beaubien, Scott Sheridan, Chris Ammon, Kurt Email The Team
Scott, Alex Scott, Alex Cross, Ken Waters, Darren Oosterman, Andrew Email The Team
Scott, Chris Scott, Chris Fanset, David Flowers, Michael Heil, Jeremy Email The Team
Simpson, Remy Simpson, Remy McMillan, Bryan Carter, Ross D'Aloisio, Lynden Email The Team
Sonnemann, Mark Sonnemann, Mark Legge, Matt Waugh, Peter Adams, John Email The Team
Suenaga, Shawn Suenaga, Shawn Lansdown, Gordon Connors, Douglas Pilon, Michael Email The Team
Thorburn, John Thorburn, John Lloyd, Jeff Lloyd, Steve Winsor, Richard Faubert, Denis Email The Team
Tomsett, Phil Tomsett, Phil Waller, Joe Fabbro, Mario MacMillan, John Email The Team
Treier, Sean Treier, Sean Anderson, Kyle Gallaway, Eric Wheeler, Matthew Email The Team
Waller, Larry Waller, Larry Tosh, Alex Gore, Reg Muller, Thomas Email The Team
Waller, Rich Waller, Rich Gruer, Cam Waller, Peter Waller, Carter Email The Team

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