Evening Men's Flight - Team Listing

Team #/Name Skip Vice Second Lead Fifth Sixth
EMF 41 Friesen, Curtis Fanset, David Messenger, Jason Sedor, Ryan Email The Team
EMF02 - 2020 Brown, Laura Welch, Kaitlyn Barnhill, Courtney Simpson, Erica Email The Team
EMF03 - 2020 Clarke, Geoff Leeson, David Moritz, James Email The Team
EMF04 - 2020 Cameron, Ron Deslippe, Mike Forrest, Keith Charette, Michael Email The Team
EMF05 - 2020 Murphy, Tim Fitzgerald, Brian Nichol, Scott Hodgson, Mike Email The Team
EMF06 - 2020 Nickerson, Matthew Schenk, Ryan Huctwith, Andy Ball, Bill Email The Team
EMF07 - 2020 Waller, Larry Giles, John Gore, Reg Phillips, Drew Email The Team
EMF08 - 2020 Mitchell, Garth McMillan, Ken Needham, John Bracken, David Email The Team
EMF09 - 2020 Lynch, Andrew St-Laurent, Corey Marecak, Dale Berry, Graham Email The Team
EMF10 - 2020 Tomsett, Phil Waller, Joe Fabbro, Mario MacMillan, John Email The Team
EMF11 - 2020 Cotton, Murray Pereira, Kevin Steele, Ross Ringuette, Robert Email The Team
EMF12 - 2020 Johnson, Dave Vanderhout, Pierre Fox, Steve Pinder, Frank Email The Team
EMF13 - 2020 Farrell, Dwight Dickson, Richard Gibson, Edward Telgmann, John Email The Team
EMF14 - 2020 Daley, Bob Ward, Brian Batalla, Erwin Futtit, John Email The Team
EMF15 - 2020 Eaton, Scott Fabbro, Ross Welch, Dylan Orme, Steve Email The Team
EMF16 - 2020 Scott, Chris Leinweber, John Flowers, Michael Heil, Jeremy Email The Team
EMF17 - 2020 Ivimey, Jeff Ivimey, Robert Ivimey, Bill Ivimey, Arjun Email The Team
EMF18 - 2020 Suenaga, Shawn Lansdown, Gordon Connors, Douglas Email The Team
EMF19 - 2020 Murphy, Joe Carmichael, Lorne Mitchell, Keith Plumb, Rick Email The Team
EMF20 - 2020 Scott, Alex Cross, Ken Waters, Darren Email The Team
EMF21 - 2020 Waller, Rich Gruer, Cam Waller, Peter Waller, Carter Hutchings, Ken Email The Team
EMF22 - 2020 Johnson, Todd Rider, Tyler Berry, Michael Hale, Anthony Zelt, David Email The Team
EMF23 - 2020 Handley, Leonard Smith, Robert Gouett, David Holmes, Tom Blades, Barry Email The Team
EMF24 - 2020 Clark, Dean Jeffery, Bruce Daub, Kevin Email The Team
EMF25 - 2020 Braun, Michael Ruse, Greg Brandsma, Ivan Greer, Gord Smith, Wayne Burke, David Email The Team
EMF26 - 2020 McLaughlin, Allan Latimer, John Coughlin, Peter Pollitt-Smith, Hugh Email The Team
EMF27 - 2020 Gazeley, Jay Campbell, Rob Treier, Henry Bryant, Tom Email The Team
EMF28 - 2020 Sonnemann, Mark Legge, Matt Webster, Christian Email The Team
EMF29 - 2020 Pothier, Raymond Fraser, Dave Pols, Ron Ellis, Thomas Email The Team
EMF30 - 2020 Simpson, Remy Carter, Ross McMillan, Bryan Email The Team
EMF31 - 2020 Cannon, Bill Gordon, Benny Kerry, Sean Thorburn, John Email The Team
EMF32 - 2020 Faubert, Denis Waugh, Peter Higginson, Leslie Email The Team
EMF34 - 2020 Hulme, Dave McDonald, Fred Smith, Greg Emrich, Walt Email The Team
EMF35 - 2020 Hookey, Ryan De Groote, Luke DaCosta, Andrew Kreick, Ryan Email The Team
EMF36 - 2020 Benton, Devlen Colazio, Dawson Stein, Ethan Campbell, Andrew Colazio, Jackson Email The Team
EMF37 - 2020 De Groote, Joel De Groote, Nate De Groote, Doug Email The Team
EMF38 - 2020 Rogers, Gord Cosford, Alan Dowling, Bob Lawrence, Arnold Email The Team
EMF39 - 2020 Gazeley, Sean Wood, Don Jordens, Johlen Bishop, Sean Email The Team
EMF40 - 2020 Duffe, James Guenter, Keith Gray, David Labrie, Marc Email The Team
EMF42 - 2020 Grant, Bob McLean, Eric Brant, Ken Lahey, Dan Email The Team

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