History of RKCC

The Club was established in 1820 and is the oldest curling club in Ontario and second oldest in Canada being junior only to the Royal Montreal Curling Club which was established in 1807.

On June 9, 1922 the club was incorporated by Letters Patent under the Ontario Companies Act as Kingston Curlers Limited.

The Club began operating at 75 Clergy Street in 1923. On January 22, 1979 the Club was established as a non-profit shareholder organization under Supplementary Letters Patent issued by the Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations.

On June 8, 1993 Her Majesty the Queen granted permission for the use of the title “Royal” by the Kingston Curling Club.

At the Club’s Annual General Meeting February, 1996, the shareholders voted to return their shares to the Club allowing it to reorganize. The Club, henceforth, became reincorporated as a non-shareholder corporation with newly issued Letters Patent and revised By-Law. Each fulltime member became an equal partner with full voting rights.

In September, 2005 the Club opened its current state-of-the-art facility on Days Road.

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    • Chris Barkley's Whig Team
    • Paul Cridland
    • Pauline & Howard Herron
    • Shirley & Art Russell
    • Karen & Mike Schneider
    • Mike Tureski
    • Graham Weatherby's Mixed Team

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Past Presidents

Past Presidents

2016-17 John Ryce
2014-15 Mike Schneider
2012-13 Henry Treier
2010-11 Roy Vasey
2008-09 Wayne Gilmour
2006-07 Mike Tureski
2004-05 Nick Brown
2003 Ron Walsh
2002 Steve Payne
2001 Darryl Herron
2000 Donna Smith
1999 Bob Fisher
1998 Phil Tomsett
1997 Linda Lott
1996 Graeme McKay
1995 Tony Bush
1994 Doug Graham
1993 Greg Westlake
1992 Norm Dunstan
1991 Rene Marchen
1990 Fred Butler
1988-89 Lin Jenkins
1987 Howard Herron
1985-86 Fred Leduc
1983-84 Adrian Langlois
1982 Jewel Cooney
1981 Edmund Bauder
1980 Earl McCullough
1979 Dave J. McMurray
1978 Doug M. Belch
1977 Michael J. Breen
1976 Vincent O'Neill
1975 Ross Wilson
1974 Lefty McDonald
1973 John Hutchinson
1972 Don W. Lemmon
1971 V. William Sharpe
1970 George H. Graves
1968-69 Jake L. Edwards
1967 Jack Gollogly
1966 Syd H. Rose
1965 Wes T. Reid
1964 Harold C. Anglin
1963 Robert F. Elliott
1962 Ernie E. Boughton
1961 Robert C. Webster
1960 J. Gord Lumb
1959 Art W. Gloyne
1958 Gilbert G. Seymour
1957 Art W. Bidgood
1955-56 Bruce Matthews
1954 Ray A. J. Allain
1952-53 Hamilton Edgar
1951 T. Doug Slater
1950 Howard M. Reid
1949 Joseph A. Shamess
1948 Jack C. McCartney
1947 Jack G. W. Sands
1946 R. Brodie Ness
1944-45 Ray M. Allan
1943 Karl E. Leishman
1942 William J. Drysdale
1941 H. Earl Pearen
1940 Fred Lumb
1939 Arthur C. Neish
1937-38 Harry A. Heagle
1936 William J. Cooke
1935 Thomas G. Bishop
1933-34 John Alexander McRae
1932 John Angrove
1931 George Hanson
1930 Joseph F. McMillan
1928-29 Robert N. F. McFarlane
1925-27 Edwin Mooers
1924 Harold Angrove
1922-23 Samuel W. Dyde
1921 Marshall P. Reid
1920 Thomas M. Asselstine
1919 Harold Angrove
1917-18 Arthur B. Cunningham
1915-16 William L. Goodwin
1914 William R. Givens
1913 John F. Macdonald
1912 Hugh Macpherson
1911 Ernest O. Sliter
1910 Robert J. McKelvey
1909 Laurance W. Gill
1908 Edward Hague
1907 James M. Farrell
1906 William M. Bramfield
1905 George H. Ogilvie
1904 Lawrence L. Henderson
1903 Samuel R. Bailey
1901-02 George H. Ogilvie
1900 Felix Shaw
1899 Joseph B. Walkem
1898 William B. Dalton
1897 John Watson
1896 Archibald Strachan
1895 William Lesslie
1894 Charles W. Drury
1893 James Stewart
1891-92 Malcolm S. Sutherland
1890 John B. Carruthers
1889 William H. Cotton

Life Members

Life Members

2010's 2000's 1990's 1980's
John Berry * Marilyn Bellringer Ed Bauder Ken Anderson
Ella Brisson Mary Bird Glenda Bauder Bud Beatty
Pat Brooks Russ Brown Bernie Breen George Binnington
Norma Burns Ken Burns Jean Breen Margaret Blenkinsop
Tony Bush Betty Bush Mike Breen Ted Brown
Marilyn Campbell Don Cameron Kathy Brown Don Bruce
Brian Collingwood Bill Cannon Ron Brown Bob Clark
Fran Cooney Marilyn Chilton Clark Carnegie Vi Duff
Dave Cox Esther Cliff Shirley Clark Dick Edney
Joan Doucet Jack Cliff Gladys Ford Hazel Fergusson
Gruer Cam * Rhonda Cross Frank Forkes Ev Gollogly
Eric Hamelinck * Arla Currie Bill Gourdier Clyde Lawlor
Doug Huddle Bill Duffe George Graves Lefty McDonald
Carrol Knowles Shirley Dunstan Thelma Graves Mary McFarlane
Diane Labrie Sandy Edwards Enid Gugins Ike McHugh
Rene Marchen Bob Fisher Howard Herron Bill Mills
Bob Moore Lin Jenkins Pauline Herron Barb Peters
Doug Murray Linda Lott Ruth Hillier Gert Poston
Doug Pfeiffer Edith Lutz John Hutchinson Bette Reid
Jim Rines Joanne Manion Marg Hutchinson Flossie Seymour
Carole Rivington John Mayhew Bob Leishman Lloyd Starnaman
Judy Russell Tom Mercer Lois Leishman Phyllis Starnaman
Nick Sears Gwen Mitchell Marg McDonald Julius Sugarman
Karen Schneider Jerry Murphy Thelma Mills Dot Vince
Mike Schneider Linda O'Sullivan Grant Paterson Dud White
Martin Secker * Mary Paterson Don Pringle  
Heather Sinclair Karl Polk Bill Racz 1970's
Doug Swain Marg Polk Art Russell Harold Anglin
Lee Thompson Ray Quenneville Shirley Russell Ernest Boughton
Henry Treier Joyce Roddy Art Taugher Harold Buck
Joe Waller Phil Tomsett Bill Vince Joe Corkey
Larry Waller April Welsh Ron Walsh Jake L. Edwards
Rich Waller Sylvia Wright   Bill A. Kelly
Sharon Windsor     Bruce Matthews
      Andy L. McFie
    * 2018-19     Fran Millar
      Wesley T. Reid
      Tip Roberts
      Gib Seymour
      Bill Sharpe
      Pat Travers
      Harry Abramsky
      Minnie Carlaw
      Joseph Cooke
      Stu Cooke
      Bob Elliott
      Edith Hall
      Karl Leishman
      Gord Lumb
      Audrey McFarlane
      Bob McFarlane
      Jack Sands
      Walter Cooke
      Jack McCartney
      Year Unknown
      Frances Allain
      Doug Belch
      Gord Bond
      Bob Bruce
      Olive Crawford
      George Hanson
      Jolly Hewson
      Jackie Langille
      Annie Levandoski
      Sally Louden
      Doreen Main
      Charlie Paradis
      Shirley Paradis
      Lynne Rutherford
      Norma Sharpe
      George Shewell
      Peter Swan
      Yvonne Taugher
      Bert Vince
      Jean White

Wall of Fame


Wall of Fame Nomination Form  icon-pdf


CARRIE COLE blackdot J.L. "Jake" EDWARDS blackdot K.E. "Karl" LEISHMAN blackdot JACK SANDS blackdot H.E. "Lefty" McDONALD blackdot CLARK CARNEGIE blackdot BILL LEWIS blackdot MARG McDONALD blackdot LINDA LOTT blackdot BETTY BUSH blackdot PHIL TOMSETT





One of the top women curlers in Kingston back in the 1950's and 1960's.  Carrie Cole claimed several club and flight championships at K.C.C. and shared in out-of-town bonspiel victories throughout Eastern Ontario.  In 1956, she was on the rink which won the Eastern Ontario ladies Championship.   Later on as a senior, Carrie skipped her K.C.C. rink to the Southern Ontario Senior Women's Tankard title in 1965.  Always a supporter of the game she loved, Carrie took a willing hand in helping yourng people learn the game.




J.L. "Jake" EDWARDS 

Intense competitor and unparalleled strategist, Jake left his mark on the sport with Ontario Championships in British Consols (Brier rep. 1960).  The Silver Tankard (1968), the Govenor Generals (1952), and the Seniors (1976-77).  Jake was President of K.C.C. in 1969 and during the Club's 150th anniversary in 1970.  He was deeply involved through his tireless efforts and continuing sponsorship.  The Edwards Shield, for competitive excellence exemplifies Jake's attitude to the game.





A lifelong curler and promoter of the sport, Karl served a term as Ontario Curling Association Presidenrt in 1967-68.  His time as President of K.C.C. in 1944 highlighted his many years of service on the Board of Management, extending into the late 70's.  Karl played on four Ontario Championships; Governor Generals in 1943 and 1947 as well as the Silver Tankard in 1952 and in 1953.  His gentlemanly conduct and enthusiasm made him the perfect ambassador of the roaring game. 





The name of Jack Sands was well known throughout Ontario curling clubs for his aggressive approach to the game during the 1950's. President of K.C.C. in 1948, Sands won the Ontario Silver Tankard in 1952 and then repeated the win in 1953.  Twice a runnerup in the Ontario championship British Consols, Sands carried the Kingston curling banner with success throughout the province in numerous competitions. 




H.E. "Lefty" McDONALD

A valuable member of the Kingston Curling Club for many years, Lefty's contributions to the game within the club have been immense.  Besides serviing on the Board of Management for years and as club President in 1975, he has been an organizer of club activities throughout the curling seasons.  A respected performer on the ice, Lefty has played at Ontario championships and in 1985 skipped a rink to the Ontario senior mixed curling title, the first time a Kingston rink has won that championship. 





Ever since Clark Carnegie joined the Royal Kingston Curling Club in 1964, he has been the club's ultimate volunteer.  He made Saturday night mixed curling at the club in the 1960s and '70s, the place to be.  From there, he carried on his expertise as chairman of The Whig Standard's annual Friday night "steak barbeque" for more than two decades.  A life member of the Royal Kingston Curling Club, Clark has his name inscribed on the men's flight championship trophy four times with four different skips. 





Bill Lewis was an active curler at the Kingston Curling Club from 1967 - 1985.  During that time he as the ice maker for three years. His major contribution to the club was that of instructor.  He helped numerous people to perfect their delivery and started them on the competitive trail.  he was the winner of various provincial competitions including three Ontario Seniors and two Silver Tankards.  Among his bonspiel wins were The Whig Standard, The Famous Fisherman's and the City of Ottawa. 





Marg has been a member of RKCC since 1962.  During this time she has made twelve appearances at the provincial level in OCA Tankard, Intermediates, Seniors and Masters.  In 1987 she was a member of a winning Senior Mixed team.  She is also a two time winner of the Lady Tweedsmuir LCA competition.  In club curling she won the initial Carrie Cole Championship, Senior Flight and numerous bonspiels.  Her club contributions have been as the convenor of the 1981 Intermediate Finals, the 1987 EOLCA Tournament of Hearts and the food section of the 1995 Tankard. 






Linda Lott joined RKCC in 1979.  She has competed in many OCA competitions including the OLCA Women’s Tankard, Trophy, and Scotties. Linda has skipped several winning teams in Ladies Flight and Mixed. Her leadership skills are highlighted by her volunteer work as an organizer and coach with the high school curling league. Linda has served the Kingston Curling Community in the role of Chair of Greater Kingston Curling since 2012. Within the OCA Linda has been the Zone 4 representative since 1999 and served for three years as the Women’s Competition Chair on the OCA Board of Directors. Her service to the RKCC includes chairing the Social, Membership and Marketing committees and twice serving as Evening Ladies Chairperson. Linda has organized many club bonspiels including the Whig-Standard, Empire Life, Evening Ladies annual and two City Championship events. Linda served as President of the Board of Directors in 1997.






Betty was an RKCC member from 1979 until her passing in 2015.  In 2016 she was inducted into the Kingston and District Sports Hall of Fame. Her teams won the Ontario Master Women's twice and represented the province at the Canadian Master Women’s Championship. They made the provincial finals in the Senior Women’s; Women’s Tankard, Women’s Trophy; Senior Mixed Women’s Intermediates and were winners in numerous OCA zone and regional competitions. An ardent supporter of Club Curling her name can be found on many RKCC trophies. She was a mentor to many new curlers. Betty helped promote curling locally and provincially by volunteering at the Ontario Men’s Tankard, Ontario Mixed and Senior Mixed, and the Scotties. For many years she volunteered locally for the Alzheimer’s Society and Almost Home. She was a tireless volunteer chairing numerous committees and serving as a member of the Club's Board of Directors.






Phil has been a member of RKCC since 1974. His curling achievements include the Canadian Schoolboy Championship in 1973, the Ontario University Athletics championship in 1975 and 1976, and the Ontario Colts championship in 1975. He has competed in many OCA competitions, including the Tankard, Silver Tankard, Intermediates and Senior events. He was in the Ontario finals of the Governor General’s Trophy. He has won many local events and bonspiels including the Whig-Standard and the Fisherman’s. In 2001, his team finished runner-up in the Ontario Major League Championship. He has served on organizing committees for the Ontario Tankard, Canadian Juniors, BDO Grand Slam, the Scotties and the Kingston Major League. He played a large role in the development of junior curling. Phil was instrumental in the building of our new facility and has served on the Board of Directors as President in 1998-99.


Wall of Recognition


Wall of Recognition Nomination Form  icon-pdf 


VolunteerRecognition 2019

The Royal Kingston Curling Club recognized more than a dozen outstanding volunteers on Championship Night. The 14 inductees to the Wall of Recognition helped in particular in the process of building our new club on Days Road, establishing a strategic plan to guide the club forward, preparing and submitting grant applications, carpentry work, helping in the kitchen, coaching, convening bonspiels and serving on committees. From left are: Reg Gore, Wayne Smith, Judy Russell, Gene Miller (accepting the Emeritus Employee award for the late Rod Leeder), Jim Lesley, Steve Quinn, Jan Ray, Jamie Duffe, accepting on behalf of his father, the late Bill Duffe, Jim Barton, Emil Lindt, Diane Labrie, Joanne Miller, Member at Large and chair of the nominations committee, accepting on behalf of Denis Faubert and Vic Matthews, and April Welsh, who was herself inducted to the Wall of Recognition and who also accepted on behalf of her late husband, Brian Collingwood.

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